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Volunteer of the month – Rollin’ Numbuzz

rollin-numbuzz3HRD takes pride in introducing our volunteer of the month, Rollin’ Numbuzz. Rollin’ is the head of HRD’s Treasury Department where she oversees 8 assistant treasurers. This group takes care of sponsorships, bills, dues, inventory, banking, keeping our books balanced and up to date, and so much more! A keen eye may even catch Numbuzz out on the track, participating in our training camp! In addition to being the mother of the lovely and talented Redwood Roller Luna Lovebad, Numbuzz is also the chief number cruncher for Stimson Small Business Services, one of our much appreciated local sponsors!

Thank you for sharing your talent and hard work to keep HRD rollin, Rollin’!! We’re so very lucky to have you as part of our crew!


Skater of the Month! Tone Cold #316

Tone ColdRoller derby was love at first sight for Tone as she watched the Sin City Rollers skate around her town, and for us it was too when we she decided to join our team! Tone is a very talented skater, and an overall sweetheart. Some of what she brings to the table is her athletic skills from years playing soccer, softball and volleyball. Her main position is blocker, but she enjoys being a pivot as well. She is persistent and dedicated to finding new ways to improve her skills, not to mention helping others improve theirs!

She was a Widow Maker most of her derby life, beginning in 2013, and now skates with the Redwood Rollers! Her first game was in 2013, and skated in the Spud Town Knockdown tournament in Boise, Idaho, of that year. She injured her knee in 2014, and took a break from derby to heal, returning in 2015 to skate her first game post-injury in August 2015.

Tone moved to Humboldt in 2010 from Las Vegas, where she grew up, to see what life was all about out here behind the Redwood Curtain. She spent time in Eugene, Oregon, and enjoyed a beautiful time in Montana for a summer as well. She’s worked everywhere from Italian fine dining to taco shops, and as a waitress and bartender for many years.

Tone is well on her way to becoming an RN, and will be moving back to Vegas this summer to attend a nursing program. No wonder her advice and encouragement uplift us from our doubts and worries! (We’re going to miss you, lady!!)

Her dream is to become a traveling nurse, and do emergency relief and education in third world countries. Tone has the experience, already having travelled and worked as a volunteer in Central America, Southeast Asia and Hawaii. She’s a healer at heart! In her time outside of derby, just to keep her healing chops up, she volunteers her time at St. Joe’s Hospital. She and her baby, Weechee the shiatzu hike, travel and adventure as much as possible.

Tone’s love of roller derby shows through her dedication to the team, even after recently re-injuring her knee. She’s healing quickly, and still has plans for her derby future, all the while helping others with their skills and confidence from a non-skating position. She recently organized a local concussion test for our skaters to attend in case of injury!

Tone didn’t think the skills she’s learned from roller derby were possible, and has gained more confidence, purpose and passion in life since joining. We’re so thankful to have such a talented, dedicated member of our league! Thank you Tone!!