C-MurderC-Murder first made her way from Greeley, Colorado in 2009 to attend HSU. She has a degree in Child Development with a minor in Art and currently works at Garfield Elementary School. In the past she has worked at Freshwater School and Jack’s Seafood. Besides derby, she played Ultimate Frisbee throughout college and still loves to play in her free time!
C is one of the most patient, caring people we have met! She speaks with a calm demeanor and powerful attitude. Her stance is fierce and has a hit that will sends jammers flying!
Her favorite position is pivot, for the reason of psyching out the other packs, and being able to switch between jamming and blocking. Murder is also the captain and bench coach for our North Jetty Bettys. She not only cares for our teammates, but mothers baby chicks and ducklings (and possibly a turkey) in her backyard!
Murder first heard about HRD from one of our past skaters, Ole Chole, who she met through a good friend. Once school was done, she decided to take the leap into our training camp! Excelling quickly, she soon after had her first bout in March 2015.
Her favorite part about HRD is the family we have created on and off the track. She enjoys that we empower one another to be the best that we can and keeps coming back for the love of the game and overall community of the sport. She is a big part of that community, and always does her part in caring for her league.
Murder began derby with the hopes of challenging herself to the sport and stepping out of her comfort zone with playing in front of an audience, which she has clearly done!
Thank you for sticking with us, Murder!! We love you!