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Skater of the Month! Jesstroyer #64

jesstroyerJesstroyer is a true rock in our league. She has wits, a lovely heart and a great attitude. Her journey to Humboldt County from Berkeley began in 1997, where she graduated with a degree in Recreation Administration and soon after made her way to Alaska to work as a river guide for five years. She spent her time on the river in the summer, and in the mountains in the winter.
Before we got our Jesstroyer, she journeyed through other places such as Colorado, Texas, Oregon and full circle back to little Humboldt County next to the sea to start a family.
She not only is a mother of the cutest little tot Jackson, that you may see running up to her during her penalty box times to give her kisses, she’s on her second season with the HRD family.
This isn’t her first time on a derby league! She started out in Oregon with the Gorge Roller Girls, and after just three months of playing (and learning to skate) had her first bout against the Hermiston Melon Smashers. She was hooked! A few months later, she joined HRD boot camp, and we’re so happy to have snatched this talented lady up. The reason she joined derby in the first place was because she missed playing team sports that she grew up with like soccer, track and field, softball, and rugby, where her sportsmanship shines through!
Her favorite position is blocking, where she’s always focused and one step ahead of the game, tossing jammers to the ground, tumbling out of bounds! Once they’re back around the track, she’ll already be guiding her pack through the next challenge.
It’s always lucky to score her as a blocker!
Besides the job of being a mother, she has also worked as a bakery manager, baker, lift operations supervisor, burrito maker, house keeper, mountain host/shuttle driver, construction worker, vegan jerky maker, natural foods clerk, and ski school photographer and on top of all of that, she’s great at crafts!
Jess also stepped up this season and worked behind the scenes on sponsorship tasks that called for a load of dedication and time.

HRD is proud to have such a talented and strong teammate on and off the track!! Thank you Jesstroyer for all of your hard work and dedication!

Skater of the Month! 2 Legit # 222

2legit_300pxThis southern Cali girl is a caring, hard working, and understanding part of the HRD family. Her teammates call her legs cause she’s got an awesome set and knows how to use them to her advantage on the track. Her long and strong legs aren’t the only advantage she has though, her determination and overall strength have helped her rise to the place she is today. Legs played her first game in January of 2015, and by the end of the season she had made the roster for one of our A team games. A feat which is rare for most skaters in HRD.

Legs first strapped on a pair of plastic Playschool skates before the age of 3. She continued skating in her tweens with an oh so cool pair of rollerblades. She got back to the quads when she first joined HRDs training camp in 2013. After getting married to her awesome husband, Legs took a break from the crazy derby world, and returned to make the team in July 2014. All of her previous experience on skates is very apparent to her coaches and teammates. Legs is able to progress faster than most, and looks like having 8 wheels beneath her comes naturally.

Off the track, Legs is just as dedicated and awesome of a person as she is on. She spends most of her time being a mother, homemaker, baker, artist, and athlete. She also has a part time job making the most awesome vegan jerky. A bunny, a saint bernard, and a mastiff are all a part of her lucky family. Legs daughter, Riptide is a very talented skater in our Saplings program. Like her mother, she seems to be a natural on skates, and progresses very quickly. Legs and Riptide both skated their first games the same night in a double header hosted by HRD. It was a very proud moment for both mother and daughter.

“We work so hard physically and mentally; trying to keep ourselves agile and strong, together and doing the jobs to keep this league running and make a successful and positive impact on our community. We inspire other women and girls and we give back so much. It fills my heart with pride when I think of my sisters, that’s what I call them, of HRD. A huge group of talented, passionate, caring, women and I get to be part of that.” -Great words from Legs!

Legs is such a great sister in the HRD family, and is appreciated by all. Her nurturing spirit is valued by her teammates on and off the track. Her unwavering determination to be great is beneficial to everyone in the league. We are all lucky to have such an awesome woman in our lives and on our team. Legs, you are loved and treasured by your fellow sisters, and we look forward to many more years making memories with you on and off the track.

McNasty #34B


McNasty, 34BUnder the definition of amazing in the dictionary is a picture of this woman! And that doesn’t even begin to describe her awesomeness. McNasty has been a core part of HRD since it’s very first year in 2007. She has been a trainer to new skaters since HRD has had a training program. Every skater in our league has at one time been taught and inspired by the amazing and wonderful McNasty.

It’s hard to believe that such a small person could have such a big personality. While on the track McNasty commands your attention. There’s something about her crazy black smeared eye makeup, her bright red lips, and her outrageous outfits that grabs your attention, but it’s her skating style and her vibrant personality that makes it impossible to turn away. She bounces side to side, front to back, so hard for the blockers to keep a hold of. Her flying leaps and fearless determination make her feared by her opponents and loved by all fans.

hip block Nasty rusteWhen sitting on the sidelines McNasty is officially the loudest fan in all of roller derby! While skating on the track with over 750 fans in Redwood Acres cheering us on, her voice is the only one we can hear when she’s in the audience. There’s something so distinctive, different, and so intoxicating about her voice. Her voice commands attention!

This wife and proud mother is a San Diego Native and an HSU alumni. To shorten and simplify her job description, she helps make super cool custom bar tops that are sold all over the world! On her free time she loves to garden, be crafty, and spend time with her family. McNasty works hard, plays hard, and still finds time to be an awesome wife and mother.

At the after party you will find McNasty showing everyone how the dance floor works, with a Lagunitas IPA in hand! There have been many after parties in many towns and states, after lots of skating that HRD has tackled. McNasty has outskated then outdanced most skaters, and has a big infectious smile the whole time she does both.

McNasty’s love for HRD and her team is so strong and apparent, that she was voted in by her teammates as our 2015 captain. Thank you McNasty for teaching us all how to skate, and showing us how to be more passionate! Your leadership skills, and your compassion for others have benefited HRD since it’s very beginning. We are so lucky to still have your love and enthusiasm as strong as it was the day you started. Don’t ever stop being you, the world and HRD is a better place with you in it!

Mcnasty jamming sonoma





Skater of the Month: Sugar Rush #365

Sugar Rush, 365As her name suggest, Sugar Rush has a sweet tooth like no other. Whatever kind of rush she needs to get her skating like she does is a benefit to her team. Don’t let her sweet smile and soft personality fool you! Sugar is tough as rocks, quick, and determined. This lady spends her time off of derby training in Aikido. That’s right, she can take a person down on and off skates! She may look harmless, but you don’t want to run into Sugar when she hasn’t had her rush for the day.

When Sugar is not busy knocking people down, she is helping them to heal. Being so sweet and understanding has lead her down the path of psychology, where she spends her days helping others to heal. At night Sugar forgets about the healing and focuses on handing out a good dose of pain!

Sugar is the definition of hard work paying off. She really grasps that you only get better with hard work and dedication, and is always focused and ready for more action. Sugar is a trainer in our boot camp, and is always motivating others to try harder. She is the grounded one in the league, unless she hasn’t had her sugar rush for the day. HRD has benefited tremendously from this woman’s power to heal and hurt, she’s really great at both!

“I started because it looked fun. My inspiration was my friend who played women’s semi-pro football. I figured that if she could do that, I could play roller derby. Also, I was right about it being fun! It is a fun game. It has also been cool to be able to see improvements in myself over a fairly short period of time. The teamwork aspect of derby is great. I know my teammates count on me and that motivates me to show up when I am tired or unmotivated. I know that I am always better for going.”  -Sugar Rush

Your teammates do count on you, and love you every minute for being there for them! HRD counts on your knowledge and understanding to help guide us along this cold concrete track. Your sweet self is so loved and adored!


Skater of the Month! Barry’ Em, 6 ft under

Barry‘em #6 Ft. Under

Written by Ferocious Dimples

Barry'em, 6 ft under

Humboldt Roller Derby was lucky to have this long legged, animal loving, hard working, hard hitting woman come to us from Sacramento. She was first discovered by one of our beloved opponents, the Sacred City Derby Dolls from Sacramento. A couple of skaters were smart enough to scout her out for their training camp, where she passed through level 1. This is when Barry made the switch to Humboldt Roller Derby and Humboldt State University. She fit perfectly into our level 2 program, and quickly graduated to the final stage, level 3.


Barry is that skater that is always at practice, always doing extra on her committee, always helping out others, and always has a smile on her face. Her desire to accomplish is paying off for her in the derby world, as she is quickly improving. She has learned how to use her long legs to an advantage and is intimidating her opponents with force. Her desire to be active in the business is infectious, and encourages others to be more involved. Every league needs a Barry, and we’re so grateful we found ours!


Barry has now skated in two games with HRD on the North Jetty Betty’s as a blocker. Blocking is her favorite position, probably because she’s like a giant when on skates, and is rapidly gaining more and more skills to be even more badass than she already is, and being badass feels so good!Barry'em


Not only is this woman an awesome asset to HRD, she is also a super smarty pants at HSU! She is a senior in Environmental Sciences with an option in Geospatial Science. With only two years left HRD will keep it’s fingers crossed that she will stay with us for many years to come.


“My favorite thing about HRD is the people. Everyone so dedicated and willing to do anything to keep the ship sailing smoothly. Everyone is so welcoming and has such a positive attitude. I’m constantly impressed with how people are willing to jump in and give you tips or teach you something new. I would be heartbroken to have to leave this amazing group of people.” -Barry’em



HRD, too would be heartbroken to lose our big, bad Barry’em! We’re lucky to have you with us, we love your presence and fear your hits.