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Volunteer Spotlight! Saplings Coordinators & Coaches

Saplings 2015


The Saplings program started with Founding skater Thunder Muffin, aka Whitney Wirt. She created and began coaching for the Saplings in 2009. Thank you for creating such an inspiring and strong program! Many of us wish we had something so amazing when we were young!!

Sissy Junior is one of the many skaters who has taken part in leading the Saplings program over the years and is finally back skating with HRD!

Knotty Vinter and Momma Popper, parents of Sapling turned coach Snap Crackle Popper, and Dr. Mullet, dad of Insania, are all amazing parent coordinators.  Knotty and Dr. Mullet are also a part on the Board of Directors; they’re at every bout, from setup to cleanup. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work!!

Tiffany Reynolds, mom of Saplings Predatori and Hail Storm, began with the leadership and coaching of the Saplings program in 2014. Current and past skaters such as Connie Bon-Bons, Zombie Stardust, Harley San Quenntin, Tenacious C, and Screaming Mimi, and Castastrophe, also help coach the Saplings.

Stef Leppard, the Saplings Officials coordinator became interested in volunteering in 2009, inspired by her daughter, a graduated Sapling. Will Tillit , dad of B-Crazy, and Denise Witte, mother of Natural Disaster, are parent volunteers who have been trained in multiple NSO positions and volunteer for both Sapling and HRD bouts.

We also want to thank Bill Reynolds our Saplings EMT, dad of Predatori and Hail Storm and husband of Coach Tiff! Not only is he there for the Saplings in keeping them safe, but the Battalion Chief for Humboldt Bay Fire District.

Thank you all for being such a big part of the team!

The Sapling’s fall skate skills class will begin in late September and is now accepting sign ups.  If you know a girl aged 7-17 who may want to be a part of the Sapling’s family, check out  or email for more information.




Volunteer Spotlight! Front Gate Volunteers!

We’d like to give a huge shout out of Thanks to our Front Gate and Front End volunteers!!

Feline, APRIL, Grungie and Vena all pose before taking off for the Kinetic Sculpture Race

Feline, APRIL, Grungie and Vena all pose before taking off for the Kinetic Sculpture Race 

One of the masterminds behind making sure every game runs smoothly is April Gay.  April began as a skater with HRD, and stuck with us as a volunteer even after she broke her ankle. She has been our front gate and volunteer coordinator for many years and gets all of our volunteer positions covered & everything ready for game day. If there’s any questions about what do when looking to volunteer, she’s always there with a smile on her face ready to help direct! She keeps things running properly in the midst of the game day chaos. Thank you April for all of your hard work & dedication!

Julie Booker Michelle Krieger

Volunteer Check In with Michelle & Julie

Michelle Krieger is the lady in charge of the volunteer check in table for the last few seasons and makes sure everyone is there for the right job. She participated in our training camp, and has and has volunteered for the merchandise position in the past as well. Julie Booker, Stephanie Knowles, and Maridee Farmer & a host of skaters have all spent a good amount of time volunteering in the check in area as well.  Thanks for sticking with HRD & helping out with this essential task!


Danimal the animal

If you’ve come to a game and purchased tickets at the gate, you’ve likely met Danimal.  Danimal is a Board member & our ticket master who took over for Lew’d Conduct this season.  He makes sure we have enough tickets at all the local outlets and also at the gate for everybody who wants to come cheer us on each game. Thank you Dan!! We couldn’t fill the house with such an amazing crowd without you!

Once you’ve made it into the gates, there are a bunch of happy faced volunteers to greet you, give you season programs, check ID’s for the beer booth and welcome you to our events.  Sweet Dee, Dana Maher, Jake Martin and many other volunteers have been great hosts this year!

front gate staff sarah jake dana

Front of the house hosts, Dana, Jake & Sweet Dee

Thank you all for your hard work, time & dedication to making Humboldt Roller Derby so awesome!

We appreciate you!




HRD’s Spotlight on Volunteers!

This month’s HRD volunteer spotlight is on the HRD Treasury department!

Written by Nicold Shoulder

Some of you may not know that Humboldt Roller Derby is a 100% volunteer run organization.  Behind the scenes of our fantastically fun roller derby games there is an army of volunteers that keep the league rolling.  We’d like to take a moment to tip our helmets to some of those folks who have helped HRD along the way.

In the beginning, Jen did it all!

In the beginning, Jen did it all!

The treasury department has come a loooooong way since the start of HRD. Way back in 2007, Jennifer McMahon, our founder, took care of all of the treasury tasks like paying bills, getting licensing and insurance all by herself. Now we have an entire team of treasurers who each help keep HRD fiscally fit!

They are super serious when it comes to numbers.

Luna Lovebad and Rollin Numbazz.

Currently, Jodi Page aka Rollin Numbuzz, heads up our Treasury Department.  She is the mom of our very own Luna Lovebad.  Numbazz participated in our training camp program and is also the chief number cruncher for Stimson Small Business Services.  At the helm of Treasury, Rollin Numbuzz over see’s a posse of 8 or so assistant treasurers who each in their own right play a vital role in the day to day operations of the business side of HRD.  They collect dues, process sponsorship purchases, oversee our ticket sales, manage our fabulous merchandise inventory, do our bout banking, pay our bills, manage our books …. OMG … TREASURY MAKES MAGIC HAPPEN EVERYWHERE!!!!

From left to right:  Sue Sue Sudio, Lew'd Conduct, Ruby Red Delicious, Hoosier Daddy, Steven Santos, Reverend Bacon, and Malice in Wonderland

The 2011 HRD BOD. From left to right: Sue Sue Sudio, Lew’d Conduct, Ruby Red Delicious, Hoosier Daddy, The Vault, Reverend Bacon, and Malice in Wonderland

HRD is lucky to have had a long line of mathematically gifted volunteers.  From 2009-2012, founding BOD member Steven Santos aka The Vault was not only our first treasurer, but also played a large part in writing our bylaws and helping us apply for Non Profit status which we (finally) in obtained in 2014.  He was followed by Malice in Wonderland (2012-2013) who was responsible for guiding HRD out of the ages of excel spreadsheets and into the new era of Quickbooks and hired Aria Cox of Greenbooks.  Aria not only whipped our books into shape, but she came to be so inspired by HRD that she joined training camp and transformed into our tough jammer and beloved coach, SUMbody dial 911. Then along came Spike D. Punch

Former HRD Treasurer, the quiet and humorously  mischievous one.

Spike D. Punch

(2013-2014) who steadied the helm and kept us streamlined as we rolled along our merry way.  SUMbody briefly took the reins as interim CFO for the remainder of 2014 until Numbuzz came Rollin along!

These folks may have overseen things but it took an army of assistant treasurer’s, who all dedicated loads of time and expertise to make HRD the legendary land of flying unicorns and endless rainbows it’s known for today.  Some super stand out valued assistant treasurers that HRD would like to give a HUGE thank you to is:  McNasty our current member dues & training camp registration collector, Bianca Swagger and her crew of fly ass Merch Mavens, Locked Up our amazing new bookkeeper, Danimal our new Ticket Master, Raven Maniac our sponsorship coordinator SUPERSTAR.  There have also been amazing folks like Ruckus, Villain Thomas, RaqHell, Reverend Bacon, Grrl Haggard, Frisbee Rollin, Lush De Luxe, Schwilly Nelson, among many, many, many others who helped keep HRD financially balanced through the years.  THANK YOU ALL!

One of HRD's founding Board Members and all around super fabulous guy.

Lew’d Conduct

Over the years there have been a few key people who HRD just wouldn’t be the same without.  There are really sooooo many, but we wanna give a special shout out to Lewis Call aka Lew D. Conduct.  He is one of those truly special people in HRD history.  As a BOD and assistant treasurer from 2009-2014, Lew D. ran ticketing and purchasing all while remaining HRD’s original #1 fan!!  Lew D. always found a way to make sure fans got in to see the sold out bouts, he made sure we had all the supplies stocked to keep the track taped, skaters and spectators safe and mostly importantly, he makes sure you get a hug just when you need it the most!!  Lew D. Conduct was one of the original BOD members and retired after 7 YEARS!!! of dedication to HRD. Thank you bunches LEW for all the years! We ❤ you Lew and hope you can come relax and enjoy all the games as a spectator.

As you can see from the long list of amazing people above ~ it truly does take an army to run the business of Roller Derby.  Thank You to all you fabulous volunteers that have kept HRD rolling for all these years and special thanks to the HRD Treasury Department.  We appreciate all you do and the expertise you bring to our league.


If you are interested in volunteering for HRD, email ~ we’d love to have you on our team!