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Volunteer Spotlight: Medics!

BIG Thanks to our medics!

Brooke Haskell, Volunteer, medicThey are a crucial part of keeping HRD safe and sound during game day. Brooke, CJ, Bill & Meredith ~ HRD appreciates all the time you dedicate to keeping us safe on and off the track. They’re at every game, properly equipped  and poised to spring into action to help with messy falls, hits to the face and whatever mishap may arise.

Brooke Haskell has been at every HRD game since 2009.  Brooke is an EMT, ready to help us off the track and patch us up.  Meredith BakuMeredith Baku is a nurse.  She’s not only helps out during our games and scrimmages, but she has been training to be a skater as well.  Meredith just passed level 2 training camp and will now be skating with the team!  Congrats Meredith!  Thank You also to CJ Janice! Their dedication to volunteer so much of their time with us outside of work is so appreciated!

Billy ReynoldsAlso thank you to Bill Reynolds!  The Reynolds have certainly made Derby a family affair.   Bill is the dad of Pedatori and Hail Storm of the Saplings and husband of Saplings Coach Tiff.  When he’s not watching over the Saplings, he is the Battalion Chief for Humboldt Bay Fire District.  Bill is always there for the Saplings team to make sure they get patched/iced up and back out on the track!

Thank you all for being there to check us for concussions and ice our bruises and strains!

Though we are never happy to have to go to the Medic tent, we appreciate you and are glad you are there to take care of us!

We couldn’t do it without you!

If you are interested in becoming a part of HRD’s volunteer family, we would love to have you!

Email for more information and to sign up.


Skater of the Month: Drone Maiden, #13

Drone Maiden, 13This pint size package of a woman has more personality, tenacity, and strength than most. Whoever said size doesn’t matter must have been watching Drone Maiden play roller derby. Her ability to move a skater that is three times her size and weight, and make it look easy is almost unbelievable. The only thing that’s truly small about Drone is her body. Her power, heart and soul, and her brain are incredibly large. She’s so good, it hurts!

After passing through training camp, Drone shined as a very skillful jammer, and was quickly put on the A team roster. Most skaters spend at least one full season on a B team before moving up, but not Drone! It’s not just her small size allowing her to squeak through holes that makes her a good jammer, it’s also her strength and ability to push big blockers out of her way, as well as her agility which allows her to be elusive on the track. This season Drone has put the jammer panty down and is showing off her skills as a blocker. She can easily move any blocker or jammer half way across the track, and she can do it by herself with no help. When a jammer see’s Drone waiting to catch them, they should be afraid, very afraid! When a blocker see’s Drone coming to play offense they should also be afraid, because she will hit them and it will be very hard!

DroneDrone is the nicest, friendliest, most encouraging teammate and friend. Her empathic personality shows on and off the derby track. Graduating from HSU with a degree in environmental sciences and ecological restoration shows her compassion for nature, and her drive to make a difference. For the moment, Drone is putting her caring energy towards the lucky animals at Happy Dog Daycare, one of HRDs valued sponsors. If you bring your animal there, you can feel good knowing that this woman cares for your loved one like it were her own. You can hear the admiration and love in Drones voice when she speaks to animals. When her teammates do good she pats them on the head and speaks to them like they’re animals. It feels good and is extremely encouraging!

It is with a heavy heart and saddened soul that I must announce the nearing departure of our dearly loved and coveted Drone Maiden. Unfortunately for Humboldt, there is not enough opportunity to keep this motivated lady busy and thriving. It was not an easy decision for Drone, but she has decided to move back to her home state of Washington to be near friends and family, and to take advantage of a great job opportunity. Drone has officially skated her last game in Humboldt with this team, and went out with a bang. After blocking the entire game, Drone took the star for the very last jam of the bout. She helped to secure the win by scoring an amazing 34 points in one jam, which was the highest scoring jam of the night!!

drone shastaWords cannot express how much you are loved and will be missed by your Humboldt friends and teammates. We are a family that is losing a member, but are eternally grateful for the time we have spent together, and for having the opportunity to get to know such an awesome person. We know you will shine wherever you go because your personality and soul are bright shining stars that can be seen from the sky. Even when you’re not with us we will think of and be able to feel your warm spirit and hope that one day if we are lucky, you will make your way back to Humboldt and skate with us again. Thank you Drone Maiden for being our friend, family, and amazing teammate. You will always have a special place in our hearts!



Wanna be a part of our team?  Skater Training Camp starts in June!  

Email for more information and to sign up.

Next Game:  May 30th

HRD Widow Makers Vs Viva Roller Derby

Redwood Acres Fairgrounds

First Whistle at 6pm



Volunteer Spotlight: The Humboldt Officials Posse

Officials group at practice scrimmageThis month’s Volunteer Spotlight is shining on the Humboldt Posse, Humboldt Roller Derby’s official safety enforcers!

HRD is so lucky to have so many dedicated skating and non skating officials to help our games run smoothly, maintaining safety of the players.  Officials work hard both and off on the track; spending hours learning the complex rules and paperwork and then attending practices to learn how to put that knowledge to practice in the fast paced, action packed games.

Delia, Ray funny face, stephSkating Officials Delia Damage, Ray Charles, Raven Maniac, Stef Leppard, Connie Bon Bons, Eldorado, and Madd Dog rule the track in their stripes!  And we couldn’t run a game without the Non Skating Officials; Handsome Miles, Famous Amos, Terra Torial, Sue Nami, Anita Smile, Mother Nature, Bambi, Oh Hey, Meowlatov, Roller Satyr & Bear Knuckles who help keep track of penalty and jam timing, scores and line ups!

HRD has several Skating Officials who have been with us from (nearly) the beginning of the league.  Delia Damage, Ray Charles and Raven Maniac lead up our referee training committee and help keep the crew organized and up to speed with rules changes.  Delia our Head Ref has been skating with us since 2007and Ray Charles and Raven joined soon after.   Delia is a super smarty pants and has spent countless hours ensuring HRD has a solid officiating crew to oversee the games.  Ray is a super skater and you can often see his fancy moves on the sidelines.  Raven also volunteers as a Board member and PR and sponsorship coordinator.

Step And ConnieStef Leppard began officiating in 2010 when she was inspired by the organization as her daughter participated in the Saplings.  Connie Bons Bon is our wonderful saplings coach, one of our founding skaters of HRD and started skating as an official last year.

Eldorado and Mad Dogg May are our newest skating officials. You can also see Eldorado skating with Ukiah’s Men’s Derby team, the Deep Valley Belligerents! Mad Dogg came to HRD with a background as a skater and ref with Tahoe Derby Dames and around eastern/central CA.

Miles and AmosNon Skating Officials (NSO’s) are essential for game management and it takes a bunch of super smart and dedicated folks to keep HRD games running smoothly.  Huge thanks to our NSO coordinators, Terra Torial, Sue Nami  (Meowlatov’s mom) and Anita Smile! They take care of all the paperwork, make sure it’s organized, train and coordinate all of the NSO’s.  It is a lot to keep track of! Miles and Amos are our faithful penalty box timers who have been with the league since the very first game. Oh HeyThe game doesn’t start until Oh Hey, our Jam timer extraordinaire, blows his whistle! Mother Nature, mother of one of our very own saplings Natural Disaster, helps out with scorekeeping and Roller Sayter, dad of Sapling B-Crazy, is there to help out too.  Bear Knuckles just joined us and has been expertly operating the scoreboard the last few games.  Skaters Bambi and Meowlotov help out often too!

Score keepers - Kbone, TerraWe also want to give a shout out to the past HRD officials who gave so much to help shape the HRD official posse.  Thank you all!  Special thanks to former Head NSO and HRD Board member, Ruby Red Delicious is now with officiating with Rat City Roller Girls up in Seattle. And also to KBone, our dedicated scoreboard operator since the beginning of the league until retiring this season– We miss you guys!

We couldn’t do it without all of you guys! Thank you for working hard and dedicating your time to HRD making sure we play safely!

If you are interested in joining our Official’s Posse, email

April 25th: Humboldt Roller Derby Vs SVRG Killabytes

hrd-poster-APRIL2015-posterOn April 25th, Humboldt Roller Derby will be hosting the fourth game of 2015 at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka.  The Silicon Valley Roller Girls Killabytes team will be traveling from San Jose to behind the Redwood Curtain. SVRG and Humboldt Roller Derby have a long rivalry and the last game played in San Jose was taken by the opponent.

Humboldt Roller Derby events are truly a sporting spectacle like none you have ever seen before.  The strength, agility and athletic prowess of these ladies are sure to knock your socks off.  This is the 4th game of Humboldt Roller Derby’s 8th season and they are ready to tear up the track.  Come on out and cheer them on!

If you have never been to a roller derby game before – you should make a point not to miss this one!  If you remember the watching the Bay Area Bombers or the roller derby of the past, you should certainly come on out and be amazed at how tough our hometown girls are.  They are Humboldt and they are Redwood Strong!

The doors open at 5p.m. and the first whistle is at 6p.m.  Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.  Buy your tickets online at or locally at Wildberries Marketplace, People’s Records, S.T.I.L., and The Works.   This is a family friendly event, and children under 10 are always free.

 Humboldt Roller Derby is committed to promoting Athletics, Empowerment, and Community here in Humboldt County.  As part of our dedication to the community and in honor of Sexual Assault Prevention Awareness Month, a portion of the proceeds of this game will be donated to North Coast Rape Crisis Team. We are thankful for all the work this organization does in our community.  Come on out to the game and help us stand up for #NoMore domestic violence and sexual assault.

Did you hear we were always sold out?  Don’t worry, we will hold some tickets for all y’all last minute planners at the gate.  And Come hungry because we are serving up pizza from Paul’s Live from New York, burritos from Carmela’s and tasty microbrews generously provided by Lost Coast Brewery.

See ya at the game!

Skater of the Month: Luna Lovebad #934

Text Ferocious byDimples

Luna is one of the few Humboldt Roller Derby skaters who is Humboldt-born and –bred. Her super duper awesomeness was propagated right here in our home town!  Her teammates fear her for being a secret killer. She’s so qLuna Lovebaduiet, innocent, and nice, then she gets a pair of skates on and her true derby spirit comes to life. Luna loves to hit and loves getting hit. Where does it come from? Possibly her mother, who is now a hard working member of our training camp and our corporate Treasurer! Proof that Luna comes from good genes.

A child of the 90’s, Luna was in full cool mode while rocking her rollerblades around town–they were so in! Rollerblading gave Luna the experience to progress quickly through basic skills and focus on the sport of roller derby. Now, confident and totally rocking the quad skates, Luna is tearing up the track. While in her favorite and most appropriate position as the jammer, Luna is getting tougher and tougher to stop. That quiet and shy girl  swims in a sea of awesomeness, impossible for blockers to handle, and fights like a true fighter for victory. This derby spirit has led her and keeps leading her to great things on and off the track.

Luna is a great listener, which always makes a great learner, and it shows in her dedication and progress. Luna may have a hard time putting her pants on the right way before coming to practice, but that doesn’t stop her from achieving awesomeness. She is starting her second season and is proving to be a stronger contender with each game. Humboldt Roller Derby loves Luna Lovebad, her derby spirit, and all of her super duper awesomeness!

“I love being a part of this team because of all the wonderful people involved.  This team is made up of wonderful girls who all share the same passion.  Everyone is supportive of each other and always encouraging improvement.” ~Luna

Skater of the Month: Rotten Tula Core #44

Tula is what she’s called by her teammates, Rotten is how it feels when she hits, and despite her name she is super sweet to the core! She’s a mother of 4, with 2 pugs, and 1 regular dog; a full time worker; and still makes time for derby. She is kind, caring, and compassionate off the track, and will knock the socks off your feet on the track. She is a vegetarian, but suddenly becomes hungry for meat when sRotten Tula Core, 44he hits the track.

Tula first moved to Humboldt from Oroville to attend HSU and has been here ever since. She graduated from HSU and works as a Traffic Safety Engineer for the county. This lady is brainy on and off the track! Roller derby may look like it’s all strength and athleticism, but there is also a lot of strategy and thinking happening on the track. Tula is always aware of what’s going on around her and able to make smart decisions quickly. Her dedication and tenacity make her a skillful hard hitting leader on the track. Her compassion and understanding make her a good friend and teammate off the track.

When faced with a life hurdle Tula knows exactly how high and how far to jump to get past it. When she first joined HRD and made it all the way through training camp, was almost on the team, she found out she was pregnant. . She took a break, had her baby, and then was right back on her skates and playing in games before her son was even a year old! It’s very encouraging to see someone so dedicated that she won’t let anything stop her. It shows how much Tula is in love with the sport.

“I won’t let anyone take roller derby from me!” Tula has said, and it shows in how she practices, plays, and dedicates her time to our organization. She won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of having fun and excelling in this awesome sport. Tula’s perseverance was above and beyond in 2014 when she was voted “Most Improved” player of the year by her teammates. She gets better and better as we get ready for our 2015 season. Watch out for this lady, she has skills and the smarts to back it up!

Tula, you’re a caring, gentle, loving teammate and friend off the track. On the track you’re a solid blocker, hard hitter, fast thinker, quick mover, and sturdy and reliable teammate. HRD loves you, and hopes you never leave us!

Psycho Ward #5150

Written by Ferocious Dimples

Psycho Ward 5150

This woman rolled out of the ward and onto the track with purpose and dedication. Psycho is at every practice, and is always pushing to learn more and be better. When things in life get tough Psycho just tries harder, and this attitude has helped her to develop – amazing derby skills in a short amount of time. It’s always exciting to find skaters like Psycho who have the resolution and drive to advance their skills and to be a better player and teammate.

Because of this lady’s tenacity she is a natural when it comes to jamming. While she enjoys playing both blocker and jammer, the thrill of jamming tops nothing else in the derby world for Psycho. She can spin and turn around the blockers, then run to freedom (a move that takes most skaters years to accomplish). Psycho recently debuted in her 2nd derby game ever as a jammer, and made all of us at HRD very proud to call her our very own!

When asked why she loves derby and what keeps her coming back Psycho gave a very heartfelt answer that I think all of us at HRD can relate to….

“It is absolutely one of the best things I have ever done for myself and in turn for my kids. I love the feeling of being part of a team, the camaraderie and working together. I love feeling like I am making progress and getting better with every practice. And most importantly I love the people, my teammates. What a wonderful group of new friends I have made. Everyone is so supportive and positive of each other. I love the strong community of HRD. I love that sometimes I may have had a rough day or I’m stressed out about something but when I get to practice all that is gone and by the end of practice my head is clear and I feel great hardly remembering what was bothering me earlier.”

Being a hard working, single mother of two boys, 2 cats, a kitten, a gecko, and dog is no easy task for anybody, but Psycho excels at each of these while still finding time to play roller derby and get crafty. She is an excellent fit with Humboldt Roller Derby, and we are all so excited to have her as a teammate and a friend. Her motivation and great attitude are infectious and inspiring.

Thank you Psycho for always bringing your best and trying your hardest! Our league and team has and will continue to benefit from your diligence and perseverance.

Humboldt Pride Day, Sept 13 2014

HRD participated in the annual Pride Day parade. Thanks go out to everyone who supported it and us, either as participants or as onlookers. Here’s a picture of some of our skaters preparing to skate for pride.

Photo by Richard Evans

Photo by Richard Evans

Atreyu #26

Atreyu (or Trey for short) may look small but her skills, determination, personality, presence, and dancin’ moves are largerAtreyu than life! She is a go getter on the track and in every area of life. She is down to earth with a very complex way of thinking, and this explains her unique grasp on this thing called life.

Trey first moved from SoCal to Humboldt to attend HSU where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in film. She then trecked all the way to Saas-Fee, Switzerland to study philosophy at the European Graduate School and obtain a PhD in media and communications. She stayed at EGS for a while as an instructor. Her numerous academic feats include publishing her book The Media Poet, in 2012.

She left Europe and returned to Humboldt to be, as one of her colleagues says, a “media poet and community activist”. She is an associate faculty member at both College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University where she teaches film and cinema studies. Most notable is the academic and community outreach that she does for the youth in Southern Humboldt. Working with TRiO Talent Search and the Mateel Community Center’s Youth Alive! program, she primarily serves low income and at risk high school students by connecting them to opportunities of higher education and community leadership. Trey is also co-founder of an organization called Dj Gleaner y Los Media Poets, which is a local artist collective and creative mentorship project based in Arcata.

Her love of film led Trey to our wild and crazy world of roller derby. Her camera ups our game. Being able to watch ourselves play roller derby is a huge mind opening experience! We feel like we’re rolling like Michael Jordan plays basketball, but when we watch the video of ourselves then reality sets in. These videos really help us to see what we need to work on, so we can better ourselves as players. She started by filming our home and away games for a few years before derby bit her and she decided to strap on some skates. Now she finds herself on the other side of the camera on game day.

Like most of us Trey started out terribly awkward, but determined. Her positive attitude and ability to work well with others was evident from the beginning. Her peers still find this apparent as she was voted Best Team Player for the 2014 season. I’ve never seen anyone use transform awkwardness to finesse. Watching Trey jam is like riding a really exciting roller coaster–, just as you think she‘s going out of bounds and down, her half bent body which is only inches from hitting the ground squeezes only a few inches between the defender and out of bounds then pops back up and skates away unscathed leaving the defenders to stare where she’d been and wondering how the heck she got by.

After a hard work out at practice or after tough game Trey knows how to party. She doesn’t get out much, and is usually busy tearing up the dance floor, so when she does get a chance, she makes it count!

Atreyu has been a part of the HRD family for many years before skating, and will hopefully continue to be a skating member for years to come. She’s loved by her friends and teammates and Falcor, and puts that much love back into HRD.

Sister, stay awesome ‘cause you’re fantastic just the way you are!

by Ferocious Dimples

Volunteer of the Month: Raven Maniac


If you want something done, ask Raven. She seems to be everywhere. Because she is. Raven is a powerhouse worker for HRD. Her work ethic has the strength of steel and she’s been known to stay up half the night doing derby work. She comes to us from Mississippi and has carried those genteel manners and with her. She works at Northcoast Children’s Services as a case worker, proving that her heart is not only in the right place but powerful as well.

Raven started with HRD in 2009. She disliked the physical rough and tumble of being a skater, and so took her talents right to officiating.

Once Raven started reffing, she really gave it her all.  She helps run ref practice, always stays current on the latest rules and has gone to the WFTDA officiating clinic three times.  She is on the Ref Training committee and is a WFTDA official ref for Humboldt.   She is very versatile and can do any position; head ref, inside pack ref, jam ref and outside pack ref.  She particularly excels at jam reffing because she is a fast skater and is able to assess impact and initiation with amazing accuracy.

But wearing the stripes isn’t the only thing she does for us. She started working on the Fundraising and Public Relations work groups in 2011. It is no exaggeration that she is The Bomb when it comes to fundraising. No sponsor is too big or too small for her. HRD has experienced high water years since she began this critical task. She has also taken Public Relations by storm, getting the work group right on line with the five year plan we have.

In 2014 she even went a step farther by joining the HRD board of directors. Her dedication and keen mind for details has sharpened the board. She is never too busy to take a look at the latest paperwork, listen to the latest problem, and come up with solutions.

Her sweet southern attitude has brought her to the front of HRD, whether on the track or off. Indeed, she IS everywhere, and we couldn’t get along without her. Thanks Raven!