“An awesome jammer, gives it her all” –HRD

Please join us to congratulate Xeno as the November Skater of the Month.

Xeno’s hard driving desire and dedication first showed when she was just three years old and taught herself to skate, despite bruises and scratches. Having only a few skating opportunities through her childhood and youth didn’t dampen her desire, and she kept her competitive spirit well oiled by taking every athletic opportunity she could. She joined HRD boot camp in 2011 and graduated to a L3 skater in May 2012.

She’s a team player and consistently at practice, and her positive, competitive attitude is characterized by her team mates her as a “great team player,” “always positive,” and “an asset to her team.” She’s a hot jammer, jumping and dodging to take advantage of her size and speed.

Off the floor her team spirit and athletic ability are combined with her family. Every summer she plays first base on her family softball team and goes wakeboarding. In the fall she’s a sparkplug on her family volleyball team, and winter she snowboards. We are lucky she squeezes in time for HRD!

Her community commitment shines in her off-track career, working for the Hoopa Tribal Court as the Court Administrator; and her family, her son Pegoy, and her boyfriend and step son.

Her only weakness seems to be a fear of cameras. Her friend complain that there are more photos of Bigfoot than there are of her! But as a jammer for HRD that phobia is fading away under the spotlights and cameras at a bout. We are lucky she has overcome those fears, because with her talent, dedication and commitment she can expect to be in the spotlight for years to come.

Thank you Xeno, for sharing the wonderful you with the team and community!