Sapling Skater of the Month ~ Insania!

Insania #203

Something to be proud of and to work for, with the fantastic result of liking herself so much more – this is Insania’s derby reality. The power of derby has changed not only her but also the people around her, including a supportive group of friends that come to watch her play and have become derby fans.  Her parents are involved with HRD volunteer work, including her dad whom is now a board member.  Sharing derby has made her family relationships stronger, giving them another aspect of life they have in common.  This positive and energetic gal plans to stay with HRD for a very long time.

Her passion for the organization and the sport is evident when discussing how long in the future she would love to be the president of HRD, helping to lead an organization that has changed her life for the better.  For her it comes down to the fact that “roller derby has changed my life so much. I am so happy.”


Your derby name, what was the inspiration/story behind the name?

There isn’t really a story behind my name.  When trying to decide I went through a ton of different options but none of them were great or felt special.  One week before we had to turn our names into the league I was asking everyone for ideas.

 What is your derby number?

203 – Its is the police code for Mayhem

 When did you start skating?

Before derby I went skating every now and then at the skating rinks, attending birthday parties and that sort of thing.  When I was really young I had rollerblades – such a different type of skating. I recently went to the rink and tried skating on rollerblades; it was so difficult after so much time on my quad skates.

 How did you get involved in derby?

Before derby I played softball for four years.  In 2013 I had been on a softball team with B-CRAZY (another Sapling) for a few years.  Our dad’s are good friends and her dad talked with my dad about B-CRAZY participating in derby.  At the time I had never heard of roller derby.  Three month before the skates skills class in 2013 B-CRAZY started encouraging me to check the Saplings team out.  It was just the right amount of time for me to contemplate the idea and decided to go for it.

 What is your favorite part about derby?

There are so many favorite parts it is difficult to pick. I would say the community is big for me. It is a big family and it is wonderful. It’s a contact sport for women, that makes me really happy.

 When talking about derby, how do you describe the Saplings?

If it comes up in conversation that I am on the Saplings team people usually have tons of questions. Most folks just don’t know the sport or don’t know it well.  Often after we talk about derby they express the desire to watch me play. People get really interested in the concept.

 What are you most looking forward to in the 2015 Season?

Improving my abilities and myself.  Helping to grow our team.  Playing in games. And just working at being amazing at derby.  When I think where I was when I started and where I am now, I never could have never imagined the positive changes.  Self-improvement is the best thing in the world, and there is so much of that in derby.

 What do you think about when you are lacing up your skates?

What I am going to focus on that particular skate. Usually 2-3 things I want to improve upon.

 Do you have a pregame ritual?

I basically am lazy the whole day.  About an hour or two before it is time to leave the house I start getting pumped up, jumping around.  I listen to upbeat music all day.  I will also wear my hip pads and some of my gear all day, getting in the mindset.

 Has your involvement in derby affected the way you live the rest of your life?

I have learned about being able to push myself as far as I can.  The self-confidence building and empowerment is indescribable.  The accomplishments in derby make you feel so wonderful.  The courage of believing you are able to do something and going for it. Before I started derby I was a completely different person; a much quitter and more shut down person.  Now I am more expressive and happier.  With derby my mindset changed, my body changed. Now I feel strong.

 Any advice for those who are thinking about skating?

Go for it! You will never know if you don’t.  Yah, it’s scary. Yah it’s tough. Just give it a try. It will be one of the best things you have ever decided to do!

Are you interested in joining the Saplings? Check out  & Email for information about the next training camp!

Skater of the Month: Sugar Rush #365

Sugar Rush, 365As her name suggest, Sugar Rush has a sweet tooth like no other. Whatever kind of rush she needs to get her skating like she does is a benefit to her team. Don’t let her sweet smile and soft personality fool you! Sugar is tough as rocks, quick, and determined. This lady spends her time off of derby training in Aikido. That’s right, she can take a person down on and off skates! She may look harmless, but you don’t want to run into Sugar when she hasn’t had her rush for the day.

When Sugar is not busy knocking people down, she is helping them to heal. Being so sweet and understanding has lead her down the path of psychology, where she spends her days helping others to heal. At night Sugar forgets about the healing and focuses on handing out a good dose of pain!

Sugar is the definition of hard work paying off. She really grasps that you only get better with hard work and dedication, and is always focused and ready for more action. Sugar is a trainer in our boot camp, and is always motivating others to try harder. She is the grounded one in the league, unless she hasn’t had her sugar rush for the day. HRD has benefited tremendously from this woman’s power to heal and hurt, she’s really great at both!

“I started because it looked fun. My inspiration was my friend who played women’s semi-pro football. I figured that if she could do that, I could play roller derby. Also, I was right about it being fun! It is a fun game. It has also been cool to be able to see improvements in myself over a fairly short period of time. The teamwork aspect of derby is great. I know my teammates count on me and that motivates me to show up when I am tired or unmotivated. I know that I am always better for going.”  -Sugar Rush

Your teammates do count on you, and love you every minute for being there for them! HRD counts on your knowledge and understanding to help guide us along this cold concrete track. Your sweet self is so loved and adored!


Skater of the Month! Barry’ Em, 6 ft under

Barry‘em #6 Ft. Under

Written by Ferocious Dimples

Barry'em, 6 ft under

Humboldt Roller Derby was lucky to have this long legged, animal loving, hard working, hard hitting woman come to us from Sacramento. She was first discovered by one of our beloved opponents, the Sacred City Derby Dolls from Sacramento. A couple of skaters were smart enough to scout her out for their training camp, where she passed through level 1. This is when Barry made the switch to Humboldt Roller Derby and Humboldt State University. She fit perfectly into our level 2 program, and quickly graduated to the final stage, level 3.


Barry is that skater that is always at practice, always doing extra on her committee, always helping out others, and always has a smile on her face. Her desire to accomplish is paying off for her in the derby world, as she is quickly improving. She has learned how to use her long legs to an advantage and is intimidating her opponents with force. Her desire to be active in the business is infectious, and encourages others to be more involved. Every league needs a Barry, and we’re so grateful we found ours!


Barry has now skated in two games with HRD on the North Jetty Betty’s as a blocker. Blocking is her favorite position, probably because she’s like a giant when on skates, and is rapidly gaining more and more skills to be even more badass than she already is, and being badass feels so good!Barry'em


Not only is this woman an awesome asset to HRD, she is also a super smarty pants at HSU! She is a senior in Environmental Sciences with an option in Geospatial Science. With only two years left HRD will keep it’s fingers crossed that she will stay with us for many years to come.


“My favorite thing about HRD is the people. Everyone so dedicated and willing to do anything to keep the ship sailing smoothly. Everyone is so welcoming and has such a positive attitude. I’m constantly impressed with how people are willing to jump in and give you tips or teach you something new. I would be heartbroken to have to leave this amazing group of people.” -Barry’em



HRD, too would be heartbroken to lose our big, bad Barry’em! We’re lucky to have you with us, we love your presence and fear your hits.







HRD’s Spotlight on Volunteers!

This month’s HRD volunteer spotlight is on the HRD Treasury department!

Written by Nicold Shoulder

Some of you may not know that Humboldt Roller Derby is a 100% volunteer run organization.  Behind the scenes of our fantastically fun roller derby games there is an army of volunteers that keep the league rolling.  We’d like to take a moment to tip our helmets to some of those folks who have helped HRD along the way.

In the beginning, Jen did it all!

In the beginning, Jen did it all!

The treasury department has come a loooooong way since the start of HRD. Way back in 2007, Jennifer McMahon, our founder, took care of all of the treasury tasks like paying bills, getting licensing and insurance all by herself. Now we have an entire team of treasurers who each help keep HRD fiscally fit!

They are super serious when it comes to numbers.

Luna Lovebad and Rollin Numbazz.

Currently, Jodi Page aka Rollin Numbuzz, heads up our Treasury Department.  She is the mom of our very own Luna Lovebad.  Numbazz participated in our training camp program and is also the chief number cruncher for Stimson Small Business Services.  At the helm of Treasury, Rollin Numbuzz over see’s a posse of 8 or so assistant treasurers who each in their own right play a vital role in the day to day operations of the business side of HRD.  They collect dues, process sponsorship purchases, oversee our ticket sales, manage our fabulous merchandise inventory, do our bout banking, pay our bills, manage our books …. OMG … TREASURY MAKES MAGIC HAPPEN EVERYWHERE!!!!

From left to right:  Sue Sue Sudio, Lew'd Conduct, Ruby Red Delicious, Hoosier Daddy, Steven Santos, Reverend Bacon, and Malice in Wonderland

The 2011 HRD BOD. From left to right: Sue Sue Sudio, Lew’d Conduct, Ruby Red Delicious, Hoosier Daddy, The Vault, Reverend Bacon, and Malice in Wonderland

HRD is lucky to have had a long line of mathematically gifted volunteers.  From 2009-2012, founding BOD member Steven Santos aka The Vault was not only our first treasurer, but also played a large part in writing our bylaws and helping us apply for Non Profit status which we (finally) in obtained in 2014.  He was followed by Malice in Wonderland (2012-2013) who was responsible for guiding HRD out of the ages of excel spreadsheets and into the new era of Quickbooks and hired Aria Cox of Greenbooks.  Aria not only whipped our books into shape, but she came to be so inspired by HRD that she joined training camp and transformed into our tough jammer and beloved coach, SUMbody dial 911. Then along came Spike D. Punch

Former HRD Treasurer, the quiet and humorously  mischievous one.

Spike D. Punch

(2013-2014) who steadied the helm and kept us streamlined as we rolled along our merry way.  SUMbody briefly took the reins as interim CFO for the remainder of 2014 until Numbuzz came Rollin along!

These folks may have overseen things but it took an army of assistant treasurer’s, who all dedicated loads of time and expertise to make HRD the legendary land of flying unicorns and endless rainbows it’s known for today.  Some super stand out valued assistant treasurers that HRD would like to give a HUGE thank you to is:  McNasty our current member dues & training camp registration collector, Bianca Swagger and her crew of fly ass Merch Mavens, Locked Up our amazing new bookkeeper, Danimal our new Ticket Master, Raven Maniac our sponsorship coordinator SUPERSTAR.  There have also been amazing folks like Ruckus, Villain Thomas, RaqHell, Reverend Bacon, Grrl Haggard, Frisbee Rollin, Lush De Luxe, Schwilly Nelson, among many, many, many others who helped keep HRD financially balanced through the years.  THANK YOU ALL!

One of HRD's founding Board Members and all around super fabulous guy.

Lew’d Conduct

Over the years there have been a few key people who HRD just wouldn’t be the same without.  There are really sooooo many, but we wanna give a special shout out to Lewis Call aka Lew D. Conduct.  He is one of those truly special people in HRD history.  As a BOD and assistant treasurer from 2009-2014, Lew D. ran ticketing and purchasing all while remaining HRD’s original #1 fan!!  Lew D. always found a way to make sure fans got in to see the sold out bouts, he made sure we had all the supplies stocked to keep the track taped, skaters and spectators safe and mostly importantly, he makes sure you get a hug just when you need it the most!!  Lew D. Conduct was one of the original BOD members and retired after 7 YEARS!!! of dedication to HRD. Thank you bunches LEW for all the years! We <3 you Lew and hope you can come relax and enjoy all the games as a spectator.

As you can see from the long list of amazing people above ~ it truly does take an army to run the business of Roller Derby.  Thank You to all you fabulous volunteers that have kept HRD rolling for all these years and special thanks to the HRD Treasury Department.  We appreciate all you do and the expertise you bring to our league.


If you are interested in volunteering for HRD, email ~ we’d love to have you on our team!


Skater of the Month: Luna Lovebad #934

Text Ferocious byDimples

Luna is one of the few Humboldt Roller Derby skaters who is Humboldt-born and –bred. Her super duper awesomeness was propagated right here in our home town!  Her teammates fear her for being a secret killer. She’s so qLuna Lovebaduiet, innocent, and nice, then she gets a pair of skates on and her true derby spirit comes to life. Luna loves to hit and loves getting hit. Where does it come from? Possibly her mother, who is now a hard working member of our training camp and our corporate Treasurer! Proof that Luna comes from good genes.

A child of the 90’s, Luna was in full cool mode while rocking her rollerblades around town–they were so in! Rollerblading gave Luna the experience to progress quickly through basic skills and focus on the sport of roller derby. Now, confident and totally rocking the quad skates, Luna is tearing up the track. While in her favorite and most appropriate position as the jammer, Luna is getting tougher and tougher to stop. That quiet and shy girl  swims in a sea of awesomeness, impossible for blockers to handle, and fights like a true fighter for victory. This derby spirit has led her and keeps leading her to great things on and off the track.

Luna is a great listener, which always makes a great learner, and it shows in her dedication and progress. Luna may have a hard time putting her pants on the right way before coming to practice, but that doesn’t stop her from achieving awesomeness. She is starting her second season and is proving to be a stronger contender with each game. Humboldt Roller Derby loves Luna Lovebad, her derby spirit, and all of her super duper awesomeness!

“I love being a part of this team because of all the wonderful people involved.  This team is made up of wonderful girls who all share the same passion.  Everyone is supportive of each other and always encouraging improvement.” ~Luna

Volunteer Spotlight: Hoosier Daddy, Lung and Restless

BoD LungTwo worthy members of the Board of Director are singled out today for their service to the league. Alas, both have retired now, but their contributions still shine.

Amanda Lung was with us for two years of hard work. In her daytime job she was manager of the Pepsi distribution for northern California and she brought her years of administrative leadership to the board. She provided input and insight as the board took on new projects, such as organizing the duties of Human Resources. She served as secretary of the corporation, keeping minutes and corresponding with the outside world for us. She also worked patiently through the madness of the ticket sales at every bout. Her husband Brandon was an additional resource for the league, overseeing parking during bouts, often helping at ticket sales, and doing plenty of heavy lifting. Amanda left because she was transferred to head another branch of Pepsi out of state on her climb towards corporate success.

She says: I would love to see HRD continue to grow and thrive as active members of the community. I believe that the empowerment that they provide to the women in the community as well as the children is unmatched by any other organization that is out there. HRD truly embodies it’s fans, it’s culture, it’s brand and it’s community and that is what makes it so great. They are all accepting, and the warmest “Family” I have ever known. From Skater’s to Board Members and Families to volunteers, everyone was welcoming, helpful and absolutely unsurpassed in their appreciation for each other’s gifts to HRD. HRD is a rock, and no matter how hard that wind blows and the elements change it; it is ever lasting. I wish nothing but the best to HRD and all that encompasses for the Future. I dearly miss you all !
You were a big help to us Amanda. Best of luck on all your endeavors.

BoD HoosierHoosier Daddy is the former head of Bout Production and a steady anchor for the board. When someone looked for him at a bout I’d say, “Orange shirt and derby hat.” He is renowned for his hard work and good cheer. He would say that his job, as explained by the skaters, was “First girl in and last girl out,” and that’s exactly what he would do every bout. He spent hours on bout setup on Fridays before the bouts, and hours early on the day of the bout to oversee everything and do it himself if he had to. Then on tear down he was there to the last, helping anyone out and directing the rest. His greatest contribution to the board is to have taught the board how to be board-like, not by telling them what to do but by supporting them in what they did; and teaching through example how to run the business of an organization that has two sets of authority. He also helped to make the Saplings a vital part of HRD, and streamlined many procedures to make this work easier for us.

“Humboldt Roller Derby has left me with some great memories,” he says. “It’s an awesome organization and I don’t regret one minute during the four years of service. It’s done amazing things for my family.” His wife Harriet dedicated three years as an NSO, while his daughter Grace spent two years as a Sapling and two years as an NSO, while daughter Nora spent three years as an NSO. “It’s taught my daughters the value of hard work.”

He’s worked for 25 years as Director of Extended Student Services for the city of Arcata. He has left HRD because, “It’s time for family.” He was recently elected to the local school board as well. We all wish him well, confident that he will succeed and improve whatever he does.

There’s no one like you Hoosier. We hope to see you at a bout.

Skater of the Month: Rotten Tula Core #44

Tula is what she’s called by her teammates, Rotten is how it feels when she hits, and despite her name she is super sweet to the core! She’s a mother of 4, with 2 pugs, and 1 regular dog; a full time worker; and still makes time for derby. She is kind, caring, and compassionate off the track, and will knock the socks off your feet on the track. She is a vegetarian, but suddenly becomes hungry for meat when sRotten Tula Core, 44he hits the track.

Tula first moved to Humboldt from Oroville to attend HSU and has been here ever since. She graduated from HSU and works as a Traffic Safety Engineer for the county. This lady is brainy on and off the track! Roller derby may look like it’s all strength and athleticism, but there is also a lot of strategy and thinking happening on the track. Tula is always aware of what’s going on around her and able to make smart decisions quickly. Her dedication and tenacity make her a skillful hard hitting leader on the track. Her compassion and understanding make her a good friend and teammate off the track.

When faced with a life hurdle Tula knows exactly how high and how far to jump to get past it. When she first joined HRD and made it all the way through training camp, was almost on the team, she found out she was pregnant. . She took a break, had her baby, and then was right back on her skates and playing in games before her son was even a year old! It’s very encouraging to see someone so dedicated that she won’t let anything stop her. It shows how much Tula is in love with the sport.

“I won’t let anyone take roller derby from me!” Tula has said, and it shows in how she practices, plays, and dedicates her time to our organization. She won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of having fun and excelling in this awesome sport. Tula’s perseverance was above and beyond in 2014 when she was voted “Most Improved” player of the year by her teammates. She gets better and better as we get ready for our 2015 season. Watch out for this lady, she has skills and the smarts to back it up!

Tula, you’re a caring, gentle, loving teammate and friend off the track. On the track you’re a solid blocker, hard hitter, fast thinker, quick mover, and sturdy and reliable teammate. HRD loves you, and hopes you never leave us!


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