Sugar Rush, 365As her name suggest, Sugar Rush has a sweet tooth like no other. Whatever kind of rush she needs to get her skating like she does is a benefit to her team. Don’t let her sweet smile and soft personality fool you! Sugar is tough as rocks, quick, and determined. This lady spends her time off of derby training in Aikido. That’s right, she can take a person down on and off skates! She may look harmless, but you don’t want to run into Sugar when she hasn’t had her rush for the day.

When Sugar is not busy knocking people down, she is helping them to heal. Being so sweet and understanding has lead her down the path of psychology, where she spends her days helping others to heal. At night Sugar forgets about the healing and focuses on handing out a good dose of pain!

Sugar is the definition of hard work paying off. She really grasps that you only get better with hard work and dedication, and is always focused and ready for more action. Sugar is a trainer in our boot camp, and is always motivating others to try harder. She is the grounded one in the league, unless she hasn’t had her sugar rush for the day. HRD has benefited tremendously from this woman’s power to heal and hurt, she’s really great at both!

“I started because it looked fun. My inspiration was my friend who played women’s semi-pro football. I figured that if she could do that, I could play roller derby. Also, I was right about it being fun! It is a fun game. It has also been cool to be able to see improvements in myself over a fairly short period of time. The teamwork aspect of derby is great. I know my teammates count on me and that motivates me to show up when I am tired or unmotivated. I know that I am always better for going.”  -Sugar Rush

Your teammates do count on you, and love you every minute for being there for them! HRD counts on your knowledge and understanding to help guide us along this cold concrete track. Your sweet self is so loved and adored!